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There are many other types of flooring besides carpeting in the nation and with the trends of remodeling or building new homes with a more rustic feel wood flooring is becoming more and more popular each and every day! Did you know that there are more than 20 million homes in the U.S. today that have wood floors in parts of the house or the entire residence? While that isn't the highest number in comparison to other alternative it is a large number that is growing exponentially and doesn't look like it intends to slow down. This type of flooring, wood floors, are very popular is some areas of San Antonio and they require as much servicing as carpeting, area rugs and any other types of flooring for their well being, appearance and longevity.

Many of the homes that currently have, or those that are being remodeled and wood flooring is being installed, will use area rugs to add to the ambiance of the room. When it comes time to clean those area rugs or any carpeting that might be in other rooms of the house you might want to consider inquiring with your preferred San Antonio carpet cleaning company whether or not they also clean floor, specifically wood floors, and the same trusty carpet cleaning company you use can also be your flooring specialists as well.

Wood floors can become scuffed, stained like carpeting, dinged and scraped and with moisture or liquids being introduced often contract mildew and mold in the very same manner that it damages carpets, too.

As diligent as you are with your carpeting and area rugs and their care and cleaning, you will want to apply this same diligence for your flooring. Your flooring is not cheap, especially when it's wood and should never be treated in a cheap manner. By staying "on top" of any issues that might afflict or potentially damage your flooring you are one step ahead of what can be costly and annoying repair or replacement for your floors. By having the appropriate care for your wood flooring you can bring the original luster and look of the wood, rejuvenating it and staving off any loud and dusty sanding.

The time it takes to have your carpet cleaning company work with your wood flooring is usually never more than a day and in less than eight hours of the job's completion the floors will be ready for use. You'd be surprised at the different types of flooring that most San Antonio carpet cleaning companies can clean and care for and when you already trust them with your carpeting. It would be advantageous to let them care for your wood flooring as well.

When your home has wood flooring or you intend to install it in your new house or remodel, be sure to consult with your San Antonio carpet cleaning company to have them send an experienced flooring expert to come and evaluate the area and work with you on a cleaning routine and system that works best for you, your time and your family!