Austin Carpet Cleaning
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We mend handmade and machine area rugs, including but not limited to: Mechanical, Persian, Oriental, Navajo and all other rug types.

Remarkable restorers and weavers of rugs at our praised correcting workshops grant you with:

  • Antique Wash
  • Regular Wash
  • Super Wash
  • Tea Wash
  • Water extracting
  • Dry soil dusting
  • Recognizing stains and spots
  • Hand shampooing to extricate dirt
  • Filtered, soft treated, cold water rinse
  • Hang to air out in a regulated drying tower room

Precise examples of the overhauls we can do for your Persian rug comprise of:

  • Under pads for rugs
  • Fringe replacement and restoration
  • Binding and Surging
  • Teflon coating
  • Fabric protecting
  • Moth proofing
  • Pet odor disinfecting

Austin Area Rug CleaningBecause of our vast experience with the cleaning of area rugs and Oriental rugs which require extreme care, we guarantee a worry free, professional cleaning all over the Austin, TX area! As rugs become dirty from use or require care from high foot traffic it is always good to get them cleaned often. We're here for your needs in Austin.

We have an assortment of service for cleaning your area rugs for all of your area rug wants and needs wherever you need us in Austin, TX. We employ our experience to determine how to correctly treat your rugs that can be hand or machine made of various fibers. Most hand-made rugs need a technique of calm and gentle care is used so to avoid any damage. By calling us you will know why we'll be the best choice for your area rug cleaning in Austin!

Domestic or hand-made rugs
We're your area rug cleaning service

We make sure that our qualified area rug technicians in and around Austin, TX always uses expert cleaning methods so that your area rugs never become damaged while we work on them. To get the best care for area rug cleaning throughout the Austin area, we're here for you!

Each of our area rug cleaning customers we work for in Austin, TX will have the job covered with a warranty of 90 days for all work done by the technician.

You can reach us right now for any needs you have with area rug cleaning here in Austin, TX online here: Austin Area Rug Cleaning Contact. You always get the best when you work with us!